Long form sales letters – a magic bullet

Long Form Sales Letters 1a

Long form sales letters – a magic bullet

People often ask if ‘long form’ sales letters really work; and our answer is a resounding yes!

I know what you’re thinking. “What kind of people respond to letters that go on forever, are often repetitive, have sensational headlines that scream attention, and are jam-packed with unrealistic and unsubstantiated promises” …. yet you’d be surprised with the answer.

Yes, I know, “you don’t read long sales letters”, or so you believe. In truth people who are genuinely interested in a product, service or idea will not only read long letters, but also buy from them. These are regular consumers with needs, and longing for the product/service in question to fill those needs.

If the average consumer truly believes they are not swayed by long form sales letters, how do these letters consistently outperform shorter formats.

In order to reconcile this discrepancy we need to understand why people buy, i.e. the processes (and logic) they follow to reach a final decision. Our studies have found the majority of people follow standard decision making processes, requiring answers to specific objections at each decision point.

Deductive reasoning is at the core of this process, where prospects need to be convinced the product fulfills one criterion before being prepared to move on to the next.