7 rules to engage & build trust online

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7 rules to engage & build trust online

To achieve any degree of long-term success online, a business must invest the time to build trust with your target audience. Once you position yourself as a trusted authority in your marketplace you will be amazed at how fast your profits will increase and your business will grow.

For the most part trust is built by establishing a personal connection with your target market. This is largely achieved by communicating with your target audience (via email, instant messaging, social networking etc) and establishing a reputation for quality, value, efficiency & support.

In today’s competitive market it’s more important than ever to focus your attention on building long-term connections with your customers and clients. While making quick sales is always a nice boost to your bank account the key to sustained profitability and business stability is repeat business.

OK, you’re convinced relationship development is the way to go, and therefore need to build trust …. but where do you start? In this post I outline the fundamental aspects of trust and how to achieve a position of trust with your market audience