Killer cold calls – the structure

Cold Calls 1a

Killer cold calls – the structure

When it comes to cold-calling many people think they can just “wing it”, but with 10 seconds to grab a prospects attention and engage them long enough to get your message across; preparation is your key to success. Remember, first impressions are lasting … often there is no second chance.

If we accept preparation is crucial to success, we need to understand how to prepare … and more importantly what makes a good script.

So, what makes a good script? Although scripts vary according to industry type, a basic structure remains constant.

  1. Ask for the prospect by name
  2. Identify yourself, and your company
  3. “Sound bite” – concise value proposition
  4. Describe benefits
  5. Engage prospect and initiate dialogue
  6. Answer questions & objections
  7. Position as expert & build credibility
  8. Meeting request (purpose statement with 2 time options)
  9. Set meeting time
  10. Confirm time, address etc. & allow questions
  11. Exit call gracefully